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Pasteing Hyperlink address???????

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I need help, I have a DB with a hyperlink column in it. I have about 4000 link address that I need to input into this column. I have a list of all the addresses in and excel spreadsheet. When I try to copy paste this list into my DB the hyperlinks are missing the link address. I was able to add a field column to my DB and copy the list in there as text. Now here's the problem if I copy paste the records from the new column to the hyperlink column one at a timethe link works. If I try to do more then one at a time the links are missing the address and do not work. Dose anyone know how I can speed up this process? Is there a setting i can change or anything to make this work more then one at a time. Thanks.

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    • When you say "the hyperlinks are missing the link address", do you mean nothing is pasted in, or that text is pasted in, but doesn't appear as a hyperlink?

      Did you set up the column's field as a Hyperlink in the table's Properties?

      Do the addresses you're pasting contain the "Http://" bit?


      #1; Tue, 11 Dec 2007 19:59:00 GMT
    • the text is pasted in and has the look of a hyperlink (it is blue and is underlined) problem is that when you click on it nothing happens. When I check the hyperlink properties there is no address, only the text to appear in cell is filled in. Yes the column is a hyperlink column. It works to copy paste them one at a time, it fails when I try to do more then one at a time.
      #2; Tue, 11 Dec 2007 20:00:00 GMT