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Thanks, Terrell. I tried what you described in the last

paragraph and it worked beautifully!

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>Ellen, you can do this either with a command button or

>with a label. Using a label will give you a little more

>flexibility with the way it looks on the page, you can do

>more with the fonts and background colors than you can

>with a command button. At any rate, add the control to

>your form by clicking one of the buttons on your toolbar

>and then drawing out the location on your form where you

>want the control to go.

>What you do next is set the HyperlinkAddress property for

>the control to whatever url you want to go to. You can

>either do that with VBA code or by clicking the control,

>then clicking the Properties button on your toolbar. On

>the Format section you will see the HyperlinkAddress box,

>and you copy or type in the url you want to go to.

>You can do a similar thing to navigate within your

>database itself. Instead of using the HyperlinkAddress

>property you would use the HyperlinkSubaddress, which is

>the box directly below. If you click there and click on

>the "..." button to the right of the box, you will get a

>popup box that will let you select Objects In This

>Database. Then you would pick wherever you want to go,

>usually a form or report.





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